Remarkable InkBig Blog Hop

The-Remarkable-Inkbig-Blog-Hop-300x237Hi friends!  Thanks for joining me today on this lovely Spring blog hop with many other Stampin’ Up demonstrators around the globe.

I’ve decided to use a product that is not orderable at the moment, but will be shortly and I’m hoping to gain some interest in this one because it’s just perfect for the Easter holiday we have coming up soon.  These mini egg cartons are currently unavailable, but will be opening up to orders very shortly, on March 20.  They are item #142776 and are $8 for 8 cartons!  So fun!  I’m sure you’ll want to grab yours soon after that so you’ll have them in time to decorate for all your Easter festivities!

I found some cute little chocolate carrots in the bulk section of Wegman’s this week and decided to make a box to hold them.  Here it is:



And, here’s the inside.  I positioned my carrots in some faux soft suede dirt and some more burlap ribbon with the little bunny peeking from behind the back carrot.  Simple, but cute!


I hope you enjoyed my project!

Please follow along on the blog hop by checking out the list below.

Joyfully Yours,


Here’s the entire line-up of lovelies who are joining us on the blog hop today!

1. Lisa Pretto
2. Janet Wakeland
3. Peggy Noe
4. Nicole Watt
5. Beth McCullough
7. Lisa Ann Bernard
8. Jennifer Michalski
9. Kadie Labadie
10. Tricia Chuba
11. Amanda Dickson
12. Megan Herst
13. Chris Miller
14. Diana Eichfeld
15. Gloria Plunkett
16. Jennifer Spiller
17. Anna Masciovecchio
18. Debbie Henderson
19. Debra Byrd
20. Lisa Milligan
21. Kim Vogel
22. Sharon Hashimoto Burkert
23. Katarina Ewa
24. Valerie Moody

12 thoughts on “Remarkable InkBig Blog Hop

  1. Megan, this is SO cute!! How amazing that you found those little carrots, I’ll have to look for them in my stores here! Anyone would be so pleased to receive this as a gift!


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