Stampin’ Up Dragonfly Dreams Bee Card

This card was totally not my original idea, but I found it on the inter-webs.  Haha.  I got the idea from Dawn of DOStamping.  You can see her original idea here if you like: Dawn’s Blog. I loved your card so much!

Here’s my version:


Love this textured embossing folder called Hexagon.  I will say that I was corrected at my class by one of my fellow crafters.  She let me know (so kindly!!!) that indeed this was NOT a honeybee.  (I knew that, but thought I would go with it.)  She also said that this honeycomb is not correct either, the orientation is off a bit.  (I didn’t know that, but for our card purposes, I’m going with it!)

Hope you can get over the wrong-ness of this card and instead enjoy its beauty! haha

Joyfully Yours,




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