Cupcakes and Carousels Suite

At first glance, I thought I could do without anything from the Cupcakes and Carousels Suite.  And, I LOVE CUPCAKES.  Seriously, I thought I could.  But, as if I need to be proven wrong on one more thing, I couldn’t.  Broke down and bought it and have not looked back.



Seriously!  So cute and nostalgic, right!?!?  It reminds me of the Grand Carousel at Knoebel’s Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA.  The one where you can still each out to grab the rings and win a free ride on the carousel.  Yes, that one!

I am loving the coordinating Accessories pack that goes right along with the papers and stamps in this Suite. It’s called the Cupcakes and Carousels Embellishment Kit (item #142767) and comes with all the yummy goodies pictured below.


This card gives me good feels, ladies.  So happy I broke down.

Joyfully Yours,


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