Watercolor Wishes All-Inclusive Card Kit

Do you all know about the amazingly all-inclusive card kit that Stampin’ Up sells called Watercolor Wishes?  Well I am a big fan of this kit!  It includes everything you need except adhesive to complete 20 cards start to finish with envelopes!  That’s about $2 per card once you add tax and shipping on.  Great deal! Here are the cards I came up with using this kit!  Sometimes I enjoy making everything on my own but sometimes I really enjoy using a kit where the “thinking” part is done for me and all I need to do is piece together.  THIS is a perfect kit for that or for someone who is new to crafting or doesn’t have a lot of space.  PERFECT!

I like this kit also because it comes totally ready to gift…here’s what it looks like when it comes:


Here are the cards I made using the kit:

And here’s what I have leftover to make more cards or embellish little treat bags or whatever I want to do with them! 🙂


Fun, right?  I knew you would love it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

140406 Watercolor Wishes Card Kit ($35.00)


YES, that’s it!


Joyfully Yours,


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