It’s my Party Washi Tape Class

Recently I hosted an It’s my Party Washi Tape class in my home!  I designed all the cards and attendees came and created the 4 cards and left with some great tips on using washi tape at home when they’re crafting.

Here are the cards we made!

We had a blast creating together!  And, just for my blog readers…here are my tips for using washi tape on cards at home.

Use washi tape to:

1. As tape! Go figure!  Use to hold a piece of paper or small/thin embellishment such as a doily, in place on your card.

2. To make a self-sticking mini banner. Just cut off short pieces of tape and wrap around baker’s twine and snip edges to make a banner! So cute!

3. To decorate the inside of your card or the outside of your envelope.

4. To create your own background paper by lining up washi tape side to side on a white sheet of paper. Use as is for background paper or punch out smaller shapes to decorate your card.

5. To make stripes on your card as you would paper or a stamp to give some dimension behind a saying or other stamping.


Joyfully Yours,


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